CodeStar is Fun!

Code to decode your Future

CodeStar is Fun!

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The Future of Gen Alpha

Join the Global Coding Movement & Code-to-Decode Your Kids Future

CodeStar is an EduTech Learning centre that empowers elementary school kids in Coding – The Future of Gen Alpha.

We will prepare Kids as they step into the Digital Economy by enable them to learn the New Literacy – Coding, that will allow them to stay ahead of the game and develop innovative mindsets in this world of Artificial Intelligence.

CodeStar and STEM Education

Coding is important in STEM

Australian Curriculum has already embraced the importance of programming and coding (PAC) in the new Australian Curriculum: Technologies (Foundation -Year 10) has two subjects within ACARA, 2015:

  • Design and Technologies
  • Digital Technologies

CodeStar has designed the coding curriculum based on the essential skill for the 21st century that will aid kids succeed in an increasingly digital world. Our aim is to provide a head start with interactive STEM learning and promote creativity and problem-solving skills along the way

Teaching Approach


    CodeStar Integrated Coding Curriculum will become kids launchpad, propelling them into a future where their imagination knows no bounds, and their coding skills translate into real-world impact.

    Kids and teens are introduced to coding concepts as they build projects, from Scratch, minibot, microchip, games, website, web applications to Drone.


    CodeStar equips students with the tools to become architects of their future. It's like weaving logical thinking and problem-solving with every subject, from analyzing historical trends to crafting captivating stories.

    This interconnected learning fosters creativity, builds confidence in tackling complex challenges, and opens doors to a future where technology isn't just something they use, but something they shape.


    We nurture young minds to become tomorrow's programming wizards! Focusing on age-appropriate skills, we introduce students to various programming languages.

    Week 8 of each term, students participate in a Coding challenge. Challenge offers to hone presentation and public speaking skills in student; under the discerning eyes of industry experts.


    With dedicated 75-minute sessions, students can navigate their coding challenges at a comfortable speed, delving deeper into topics or practicing at their own pace. 

    We guarantee that all learners feel engaged and challenged, regardless of their progress, because our goal is a stimulating and rewarding learning experience for everyone

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