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Frequently Asked Questions

What is coding?

Coding is step-by-step commands telling computer what to do in order to attain a specific outcome. Codes are used in: - Mobile Applications - Video Games - Websites - Robots - Aircraft, spaceship and much more.

Is Coding difficult to learn for kids?

No, coding is not difficult to learn. At CodeStar, we introduce kids to visual coding which makes coding fun and enjoyable for them.

Is it possible to join a program after the term have started?

Yes, within first 2 weeks of the term start date but we strongly recommend students to join before the term start date.

My child is too ill to attend a Class?

If your child is sick or unwell, please do not send child to the class. We will provide materials for your child to practice at home

I enrolled my child and still haven’t receive a confirmation email, how do I check I'm enrolled?

You can email us your child’s full name and program at and we can confirm your enrolment details with you.

Why should my kid learn coding?

Coding helps enhance kids creativity, problem solving, persistence, team work & communication skills.

What is the location of CodeStar classes?

Our Educator led Coding classes are held at 40 Liffey St, Canning Vale WA 6155 between 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Does my child need to bring Computer or iPad in the class?

Yes, we recommend students to bring their own computers or iPads fully charged.

Which payment methods do CodeStar accept?

We use secured paypal as our payment gateway.

What is the enrolment cancellation policy?

We are looking forward to seeing your child at CodeStar, however if you do need to cancel an enrolment please read our cancellation policy below: - Notice greater than 4 weeks – 100% program fees refund Plus $25 administration fees - Notice between 2 and 4 weeks – 50% program fees refund Plus $25 administration fees - Notice less than 2 weeks – No refunds